What is Gly-Kit

Gly-Kit is a library of 380 UDP-glucose-dependent glycosyltransferase enzymes (UGT enzymes) that have a natural ability to add glucose to small molecules.

Our library includes a variety of enzymes derived from plants. Different enzymes will work with different functional groups on the substrate molecule. Some enzymes will add glucose. Others might add other sugars such as xylose, rhamnose, galalctose or glucuronic acid.

We can’t predict perfectly which enzymes will work with your molecule. But we can advise you on whether GLy-Kit is likely to work for you. 

Once we have found the enzyme(s) that makes the change that you need, we can provide its UGT sequences as well as the associated expression systems.

In the box

The enzymes are provided in four 96-well microtiter plates. Each well contains enough purified enzyme for about ten reactions. We can provide additional copies of each plate if you need them.

For confirmation of initial hits, quantification of activity and structure elucidation you will need HPLC or LC-MS analysis. Detailed protocols are provided with the kit. Online and phone support is available.

We can provide the identity and sequence of any of the enzymes along with an E. coli expression plasmid containing the encoding gene. We also offer related discovery and scale-up services.

Want to learn more? The advantages of using Gly-Kit range across many applications and our team can help you with a range of issues you may be facing.

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